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Publications - Simon P.J. Batterbury, Geography & Environmental Studies, Univ. of Melbourne 

Aug 2014.


I am putting as much on-line as I am able.

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1. Special journal issues

2. Articles, chapters

3. Reports

4. Short things

        5.   Book reviews

6. Media and other stuff

7. S.C.E. Batterbury


1. Books, Special Journal Issues:

In the works

Batterbury S.P.J and L.S. Horowitz (eds.). Engaged Political Ecology. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers. [provisional acceptance, collection of anthropologists and geographers].


Batterbury, S.P.J. (ed.). 2006. Rescaling governance and the impacts of political and environmental decentralization. World Development 34 (11): 1851-1995.

Bebbington, A.J. & S.P.J. Batterbury (eds.). 2001. Transnational livelihoods and landscapes: political ecologies of globalizationEcumene (Cultural Geographies) 8 (4): 369-464 (5 papers)

Batterbury, S.P.J & A.Warren (eds.). 2001. The African Sahel 25 years after the Great Drought. Global Environmental Change. 11 (1): 1-96. (8 papers). 

Haberl, H., S.P.J. Batterbury & E. Moran (eds.). 2001. Using and shaping the land. Land Use Policy. 18 (1): 1-90. (8 papers).

Batterbury, S.P.J & A.J. Bebbington (eds.). 1999. Environmental histories, access to resources and landscape change. Land Degradation & Development. 10 (4): 279-396 (7 papers)

Batterbury, S.P.J & T.J. Forsyth (eds.). 1997. Environmental transformations in developing countries. The Geographical Journal. 163 (2): 126-224 (11 papers)


2. Articles, chapters:

In the works 

Papers in progress 2014 - cross-faculty environmental education and the OEP teaching model, applied scholarship, ethical behavior in academia, mining impacts and social dissent in New Caledonia

Batterbury, S.P.J. and L.S. Horowitz. in prep. Introduction. In Batterbury, S.P.J. and L.S. Horowitz (eds.) Engaged Political Ecologies.

Batterbury, S.P.J. in prep.  The strange case of scholarly practice: engagement in political ecology. In Batterbury, S.P.J. and L.S. Horowitz (eds.) Engaged Political Ecologies.

Batterbury, S.P.J. in prep. The ethics of professional geography: a long way to go? (in prep.)

Batterbury, S.P.J. Cycling Policy in Copenhagen.  (draft - written for friends)

Witasari, A, Batterbury SPJ, Beilin R, Nettle R. The roles of social capital in protected-forest management: a case from Lampung, Indonesia. Sing. J. of Tropical Geography (resubmitting)


Simon Batterbury, Lisa Palmer, Thomas Reuter, Demetrio do Amaral de Carvalho, Balthasar Kehi, Alex Cullen. Land access and livelihoods in post-conflict Timor-Leste:  no magic bullets.  International Journal of the Commons(revising)

Jessie McMaster Simon Batterbury. Sink or swim? A political ecology of pangasius aquaculture in the Mekong Delta, South Vietnam. Journal of Agrarian Change(revising)

Matthias Kowasch, Simon Batterbury, Martin Neumann.  Contested sites, land claims and economic development in Poum, New Caledonia. Settler Colonial Studies(revising, minor)

Kull C.A. & S.P.J. Batterbury. 2014 in press. La géographie face aux défis environnementaux dans le monde Anglophone (Geography and environmental challenges in the Anglophone world) For Denis Chartier and Estienne Rodary (eds.) Ecologie, politique : un climat de changement. Publisher unknown.



Batterbury, S.P.J..  In press. Human Research Ethics Committees: beyond Critique to participation.  The Australian Journal of Anthropology

Batterbury, S.P.J. 2014. Pacific scalar geopolitics and resource extraction. Editorial, Pacific Geographies 42

Elgin-Stuczynski I and Batterbury SPJ. 2014. Perceptions of climate variability and dairy farmer adaptations in Corangamite Shire, Victoria, Australia.  International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management 6(1): 85-107.

Batterbury, S.P.J. 2014. Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. In Johnson D.L., V. Haarmann and M.L. Johnson (eds.). World regional geography: a development approach. 11th edition.  Pearson. Pp 538-571. (major 22,000 word rewrite)


Batterbury, S.P.J. and Mortimore, M.J. 2013. Adapting to drought in the West African Sahel. In S. Boulter, J.  Palutikof, D. Karoly, and D. Guitart (eds.) Natural Disasters and Adaptation to Climate Change. Cambridge University Press. Pp149-157.

Batterbury, S.P.J. 2013. Who are the radical academics today?  Long blog post.

Batterbury, S.P.J.  Open access journal publishing - the change is coming. Long blog post.


Hiemstra-van der Horst, G., P.G. Munro and S.P.J. Batterbury. 2011. Les réseaux illégaux du pillage: La demande globale de bois et la (re)commercialisation des forêts d’Afrique de l’Ouest  Écologie & Politique 42: 47-58.  (The second Scramble for Africa: global timber demand and the (re)commercialisation of West African forests)

Batterbury, SPJ. 2011.  Sustainable Livelihoods; arrival, departure, and persistence. Sustainable Livelihood Highlights. Brighton: IDS. P2. ISSN 1460-4205. Presented at workshop on Sustainable Livelihoods,  IDS, Sussex Univ, 26 Jan 2011. Shortened - longer version Here


Batterbury, S.P.J. 2010. Land, environmental management and the new governance in Burkina Faso. In Godden, L. and Tehan, M. (eds.) Comparative perspectives on communal lands and individual ownership: sustainable futures. Routledge. 241-263.  ISBN: 978041545720-0   eBook: 9780203848111 

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Batterbury, S.P.J. 2008. Tenure or permanent contracts in North American higher education? A critical assessmentPolicy Futures in Education 6 (3): 286-297.

Batterbury, S.P.J. 2008. Sustainable livelihoods: still being sought, ten years on. Presented at Sustainable Livelihoods Framework: ten years of researching the poor African Environments Programme workshop, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, 24th January 2008. 15pp.

Batterbury, S.P.J. 2008. Anthropology and global warming: the need for environmental engagement. The Australian Journal of Anthropology. 19 (1): p62-68. “For me, anthropology without a sense of urgency about global warming is unthinkable.” (p68)


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Batterbury S.P.J. 2007. Monde rural et transformations agraires au Sud: débat et défis. Actes du Colloque International PRIPODE.  Paris: CICRED (Le Programme de Recherche sur les Interactions entre la Population, le Développement et l'Environnement), Paris. 177-184.

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Batterbury, S.P.J. 2007.  Comments on P-D-E, livelihoods, and agrarian change in the Sahel. PERN-PRIPODE cyberseminar on Les relations Population-Développement-Environnement (PDE) dans la zone soudano-sahélienne en Afrique de l’Ouest (Population-Development-Environment Linkages in the Sudano-Sahelian Zone of West Africa), 3-14 September 2007. Population-Environment Research Network.

Batterbury, S.P.J. and J.C. Longbottom. 2007. Lessons for East Timor from Africa’s recent land reforms. In Palmer L., S. Niner, L. Kent  (eds.) Exploring the Tensions of Nation Building in Timor Leste. SSEE Research Paper 1. School of Social and Environmental Enquiry, University of Melbourne.

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& first edition of 1997 Rough Guide chapter


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3. Reports:



Batterbury SPJ, C Forster et al. 2011. Report of the 5 Year Course Review - undergraduate and postgraduate Environmental Management. Submitted to the School of Environment, Flinders University.


Batterbury S.P.J. 2010. Report of  meeting organized.  Adaptive Learning - a think-tank on preparedness for climate change adaptation in local and state planning in Victoria. VCCCAR.

Bernard Hubert, Gilles Boeuf, Simon Batterbury, Fabrice Colin, Edouard Hnawia, Lionel Loubersac, et al. 2010. 5 yr evaluation of the Institute Agronomique Néo-Calédonien, New Caledonia.

Batterbury  S.P.J. 2010. The Premier's Sustainability Award, Victoria. Application from Office for Environmental Programs, University of Melbourne (runner up)

Batterbury, S.P.J. & H. Duckham. 2010 Three year business plan, Office for Environmental Programs, University of Melbourne

Batterbury, S.P.J. and C. Weston. 2010. Draft report on bushfire and disaster awareness in the curriculum, University of Melbourne.


Three year business plan, Office for Environmental Programs, University of Melbourne


Crooks. M., N. Summons, P. Jorgensen, C. .Scott, SPJ Batterbury, C. Walker, G. Croker, N. Moxham, F. Ritman, et al 2006. Northcote Place Making Project report Community Working Group, Darebin City Council, Melbourne Australia. 34pp. [community input into 2007 Structure Plan, based on many meetings and events]


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Batterbury, S.P.J. and Capps, G. 2000. The Politics of Land Reform in the ‘New’ South Africa. Report of a meeting held on 7th June 2000 organised by Simon Batterbury and Gavin Capps. [a widely read report of a meeting we held at LSE involving land rights campaigners from Britain and South Africa]. ESRC grant number R45126498499.


Batterbury, S.P.J. and A. Warren. 1999. Land Use and Land Degradation In Southwestern Niger: Change And Continuity. Final Report for grant L320253247 to the ESRC Global Environmental Change Programme. London: LSE. 100pp.

Batterbury, S.P.J. 1999 (original, 1997) The TVU Cycle Challenge Project cycling and travel survey. London: Ealing Cycling Campaign. [In the 1990s I led a project to improve cycling facilities and to raise awareness of transport impacts at Thames Valley University in central Ealing. The legacy of the project includes numerous white cycle stands dotted around the campus. This report details the major findings, and the results of a 326-person survey of the travel behaviour of staff and students at the University.]


Batterbury, S.P.J. 1998. The Sahel of West Africa 25 years since the Great Drought: assessing progress and setting an agenda. Conference report and synthesis document. 20pp.


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Batterbury, S.P.J., with R. Gurd, Ol, and P. Mynors. 1996. Ealing Agenda 21 Transport Group Recommendations. London: Ealing Cycling Campaign. [the Local Agenda 21 process in Ealing was going full-steam ahead in the 1990s. Community activists, representatives of local organisations, and Council employees helped to redefine local government activity on environmental and social issues. This was new and exciting. This report was one presented to the Transport Group. Several recommendations have found a home. My 2003 article in the Annals of the AASPS provides a more scholarly take on the issues.

Batterbury SPJ, J. Firth 1996.  Bikerail project final report.  For the  Cycle Public Affairs Action Group (CPAG). [report demonstrating utility of re-investing in cycling by Britian's private train operators - a demand study on bike commuters, and a supply analysis of bike parking at stations. Bikerail is still working today.]


4.       Short things:



Blog continues – entries on open access publishing and radical scholarship proving popular.


Wikipedia (user-edited encyclopaedia) entries; Harold Brookfield; Kenneth Good; Alexander Frater; Michael Breheny


Batterbury SPJ. 2011. HS2: against. A to B magazine. 85: 35-37


Started blog –

·         London riots and Eltham August 14, 2011 /

·         HS2 rail proposal is expensive and the wrong project August 6, 2011

·         Bonfire of the smartphones – Cathy Davidson vs. Baroness Greenfield? June 24, 2011

·         Reaction to AC Grayling’s New College of the Humanities June 12, 2011

·         Marc Bousquet’s “How the University WorksJune 12, 2011


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